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How to sell Wholesale Pet Products Online

by Samantha Greene / Nov 13, 2023 / 5m

Almost every family has pets; some have several. Adults and children adore animals, consider their pets to be members of the family, and accordingly, generously spend money on their comfortable maintenance. The demand is growing, so today selling pet supplies in bulk is considered a profitable business.

Today, in addition to the usual cats, dogs, parrots, and fish, breeders take responsibility for various types of exotic animals. Amphibians, reptiles, and even spiders have joined the ranks of pets, although such animals are adopted somewhat less frequently as family pets. The demand for pet products is steadily increasing. Every day, new sellers enter the market. The trade in pet products is developing both offline and online.


Main Features of an Online Wholesale Store for Animals 

  • Demand for pet supplies and a wide target audience. Professional breeders and amateur owners spare no expense for their pets. Pet clothing, food, veterinary products, toys, and numerous accessories are always in demand. People of all ages, regardless of gender, have pets.
  • The average check is quite high. Products in the pet supplies category are not cheap, even if we speak about wholesale. Especially products and food from well-known manufacturers. And the cost of clothes for decorative dogs sometimes exceeds even the wildest expectations of the seller. What’s remarkable is that people are willing to spend the contents of their wallets on expensive pet products.
  • The business of selling pet supplies pays off quite quickly. If you approach the organization of online trading as responsibly as possible, the desired result will not be long in coming. In a few months, the invested funds will return to the pocket of the online store owner.
  • There are a relatively small number of sellers operating in an online wholesale format. The pet products market is not young, but selling products for pets online has become active not so long ago. This direction can be called promising and suitable for the development of new Internet projects.
  • There are extensive opportunities for selecting supplier companies. Today, there are many manufacturers on the market offering relevant products. When opening a wholesale online store, an entrepreneur can choose the appropriate option for partnership based on his own preferences and financial capabilities.
  • Long shelf life of pet products. The vast majority of pet products can be stored for a very long time. And besides, it does not require special storage conditions. Therefore, working with such products is quite easy and convenient. 

Conduct Market Research

This is the first step in building a business selling pet products online in bulk. For your business to be successful, you need to know the industry well. Start by searching for places to sell pet products wholesale and analyzing such marketplaces. When you find out which market participants are already present on the market, what list of goods they offer, and at what prices, you can competently build your strategy. In addition to competitor companies, you need to carefully study trends.

What Assortment Should Be Included In The Business Plan For A Wholesale Pet Store?

The answer is simple: the one that is planned to be sold. Moreover, it is better to list all the items. These may include: 

  • Animal feed. By definition, food for pets cannot be the same. Food is divided according to nutrition at a certain time of the year, by breed, species, age, and other criteria. Approximately half of purchases in zoological stores are food and care products.
  • Accessories. Here you can highlight walking accessories (muzzles, leashes, collars, etc.); luggage for transporting or carrying cats, rabbits, and other animals; toilets with all types of fillers; toys;
  • Furniture for livestock. We are talking about soft, comfortable houses, bedding with sun loungers, booths of all sizes, aquariums of any size, and cages. And for cats, there are also scratching posts. This also includes various structures on which animals and birds crawl, climb, and jump.

Pet Product Suppliers

When you ask yourself how to sell pet products wholesale, you need to decide who you will buy them from and at what price. It’s not enough to decide on the list of products you want to sell. You also need to find sellers from whom you will purchase these goods. Don't forget that you are planning a wholesale project. Distributors are best suited in this case because they offer the purchase of goods in large quantities and at a reduced price. Another important point is establishing contact with a reliable and trusted supplier. To search for suppliers, it is also convenient to use the platform, which specializes in wholesale trade.

Recommendations on What an Online Wholesale Pet Supply Store Should Be Like

  • Simple. Choose a harmonious combination of colors, reduce distracting elements to a minimum, and give preference to necessary and important details.
  • Thematic. Decorate the virtual showcase of an online pet wholesale store with photographs of cheerful and joyful people with pets; add decorative elements that are appropriate in style, such as unusual icons in the form of animal faces, balls of thread, or a meat bone;
  • Unique. Content for filling a web resource should not be duplicated on the network. For effective promotion, you need to use unique photographs; texts created by professional copywriters; product videos shot independently using a smartphone or ordered from videographers;
  • Understandable. The mandatory parameters of the product card for a detailed demonstration of its features and characteristics are: is the product in stock, its dimensions, weight, composition, etc.?
  • Convenient. All important elements that potential customers may need should be at hand.


Creating a wholesale online store for pet products is a promising business solution for an entrepreneur. Our love for our smaller brothers and their popularity allow us to receive a good, stable income. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to niche development and properly organize online sales.