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How to Sell Bags Wholesale? Top 5 tips

by Samantha Greene / Nov 17, 2023 / 5m

Many people crave the opportunity to launch their own business. However, it does make sense to find a niche that will bring in lots of money. You can find many lists of goods that are high-profit to sell online, and bags are one such thing. The real challenge is to find a good dealer. If you’re lucky, then you can be confident enough to make investments in launching your online business to sell bags in extensive amounts.

There is one more attractive thing about selling bags. Customers pay close attention to the accessories they buy and wear. People tend to buy premium-quality belts, bags, scarves, and so on. Such accessories are always visible; it's more about an impact on self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, quality is prominent. Such goods will wear well for years to come. That’s why sellers make good money at high prices.

There's nothing complicated; however, your efforts play a major part. Overall, you need to do the following:

  • Find a dealer.
  • Choose the most popular types of bags.
  • Find a platform to sell women’s bags wholesale or find business customers.

We’re going to cover why the wholesale bag business is a great investment and describe the steps you need to follow to start selling your goods on the web.

Why selling bags is a smart investment

Low operating expenditure

Why does everybody strive to launch a business on the web? The answer is simple. Operating expenses are as minimal as you can imagine. Take a look yourself. You don’t need to have any employees at the start; you can do everything on your own. There’s no need for an office, as your home office would be enough. No paper, no copying machine, or any other office supplies are needed.

Another benefit is that you can handle marketing by yourself. Depending on where you are going to sell, you can find easy ways to attract visitors to your web page. If it’s going to be a marketplace, you will discover that such a platform offers many advertising opportunities. You're going to need to see all the options, choose the most appropriate method, and pay, of course.

Another alternative is to build a web resource. However, a deep knowledge of digital marketing strategies is crucial. On the other hand, you can always find a skilled freelancer who will deal with advertising.

There are a great variety of suppliers and high-demand bags to choose from.

You can start selling bags when you have a reliable supplier. Nowadays, it’s not a challenge, as you can find them worldwide and choose the one who offers the most tempting business contract. There are lots of trustworthy platforms, like, where you can search for a favorable deal.

Moreover, there are many types of bags you can sell. You may start with a couple of the most sought-after types and then bring more variety in.

Here are the bag types you can sell:

  • Backpacks;  
  • Tote bags; 
  • Kit bags;  
  • Briefcases;  
  • Camera bags, etc.

After your research, you can decide on the types, materials, prices, and so on. You don’t need to possess some magic knowledge on how to sell bags wholesale. Just start and learn step-by-step.

Economic safety during unstable times

The period from 2019 to 2022 proved that you can’t always be sure about what the next day will bring you. This period became the engine of e-commerce progress. When people began to lose their jobs, the ones who had a passive income from selling things online survived those times perfectly. Surely, there were massive issues with supply chains, but it still made businessmen find workarounds to make everything go smoothly.

Creative thinking and problem-solving skills will make you a great businessman. Such a business will be your safety bag in case of any rough times in the world. During the global pandemic, around thirty percent of businesses moved to the web. Global online sales revenue surged to more than 25 trillion dollars. People saw how easy and convenient it is to buy anything they want without leaving their homes, and they are not going to refuse it in the future.

What are the steps for launching bag sales online?

  1. Make connections with trustworthy bag suppliers.

Before you start selling anything, you need to find a dealer that will provide you with goods. If you have specific types of bags you want to sell, find an appropriate supplier. It may take a while, but if you use this time to find a trustworthy dealer, then this connection will prove to be fruitful for many years to come.

  1. Start small and scale when revenue increases.

When you only start, it might be a mistake to try to sell every type there is. You need to rise to your feet to feel comfortable. It makes sense to direct all your efforts to a limited variety to make some revenue. As the revenue increases and you feel that you’re good enough to invest in a bigger variety, you can scale your business.

  1. Choose a platform  

If you don’t have enough knowledge and money to create your site, you can take advantage of selling platforms and marketplaces for business growth. They are easily manageable, and anyone can start there. A big advantage is that you can find your audience here. When things are looking up, you can consider building a user-friendly website.


When looking for a nice online business idea, you can consider selling wholesale bags. The search for a trustworthy supplier plays a major part, so you should pay more attention to it. In all other respects, there is nothing hard about it. It’s a profitable business that will let you have passive income.