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B2B Discount, the first marketplace for unclaimed cargo. How it works.

by Samantha Greene / Oct 11, 2022 / 5m

B2B Discount is a platform where traders, forwarders, and other market participants can sell and buy unclaimed goods.

The most frequently asked questions we get are ‘What are these goods? What do you actually sell?’ Give us just 3 minutes of your time and we’ll explain it all in detail.

B2B Discount, with a few exceptions, is a marketplace like any other. Think Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay but for a very specific kind of merchandise. This merchandise is unclaimed cargo. These are goods that are on the way or have just arrived at the destination but the consignee (buyer) refused to accept them due to reasons not related to the quality of the cargo itself.

Why does this happen?

You might ask how this can happen at the stage when contracts are already signed and even some payment has been processed. It’s a theme for a whole separate post but in a word, there are many reasons ranging from the buyer’s bankruptcy to the change of ruling regimes or unforeseen embargos. Recently, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have contributed a lot to the growing number of unclaimed containers around the globe.

No matter the reason, the result is always the same. The cargo owner is left with a batch of perfectly fine goods, mostly in containers, that are sailing or have just arrived at the port of destination with nobody to receive it on the other end.

So, what does this cargo owner desperately need? Find a new buyer and as fast as possible. This is where our platform steps in.

How B2B Discount can help

On B2B Discount, any company or private entrepreneur can offer their abandoned cargo for sale on one condition: there has to be a discount of at least 5% and up to 90% from the initial contract price. It’s a fair deal both for the seller and the potential buyer. The owner avoids greater losses on storage and demurrage, while the buyer obtains goods at a price lower than the general market.

All offers on the platform are 100% discounted unclaimed cargo. How do we know that? Our managers pre-moderate every offer and request copies of shipping documents to check if they’re legit.

B2B Discount doesn’t charge commission or participates in the payment process. Contract conditions, further discounts, and other details are discussed between the buyer and seller as if it were a common deal without the platform's mediation.

So we personally don’t sell goods. Our users do and we help them as much as we can by expanding our user base.

Thanks for reading!